About Us

These hands care.

Wellness@Nr5 is not a superficial beauty salon, but rather aims to create a holistic, wellness experience for our clients. “Taking good care of you” is our motto and we aim to achieve this on two levels, the inside and the outside. We want you to feel different every time you leave our retreat.

Taking good care of you.


We are fully committed to serving our clients. We take care of the outide as well as the inside.


Our client’s well-being is our priority and exceeding their expectations on service delivery is our key priority.


We offer value-for-money, customized professional beauty treatments for all.


We value loyalty and endeavour to forge long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our Story

Our love and passion for people is the driving force behind Wellness@Nr5.

The understanding that service, honesty, and value for money are needed in today’s economy to survive and to grow.

Our Value Proposition:

  1. We act as ambassadors for our profession.
  2. We treat all individuals with dignity and respect for the person.
  3. We strive for service excellence and we understand the meaning of servanthood.
  4. We are committed to continuous learning and development.
  5. We act with integrity.
  6. We are trustworthy.
  7. We listen to our clients.
  8. We are a responsible corporate citizen.
  9. We foster and seek long-term relationships with our clients.
  10. We want to take good care of you.
Thank you so much, we enjoyed every minute, most professional. We shall definitely return.
Kerry and Gina

Ladies, this was most delightful!

Thank you for the most wonderful, calming and relaxing treatments. You rock!
Anne & Lynne

What a wonderful experience. I loved the service and the ladies were friendly and professional. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the great experience. It was fantastic!

I have never before felt so relaxed, refreshed and spoilt. Best day ever! Thank you for an absolutely amazing day.

This was the best ever treatment. Just what we needed. Will be back!

The massage felt like heaven!